Back “Kevin Porter Rocks!! He is the most amazing and supportive  guy! He can help you with whatever it is you want in your  business or your life! He holds the key to the Matrix!!”  Kristy Merker, Yoga Instructor,  Business Owner “Kevin, you’re awesome!! My path always leads to you when  I need you the most. Your support gave me the strength to  love myself again. I hope everyone gets at least one  opportunity to meet you.”  Dr. Katie Schneider, Physical Therapist “Kevin has always been one of the easiest people to talk to  and he always gives a straight-forward, no-nonsense  response.”  Jeff Kripps, Business Owner “Kevin Porter has saved my life...He has a program for living  that has changed every aspect of my life.  I am happier than  I have ever been.  Everyone should meet my life coach and  friend.”  Dr. Kenneth Mudd, OB/GYN “Kevin is always there when I need some direction. Thank  you for all you’ve done for Kiya and I.”  Amanda Epley, Single mom “Kevin, thanks so much for getting me through last  semester! With your help I got that “A” we were working  for and my study skills are through the roof!”  Jamie Meyer, Student “On more than one occasion Kevin has been there to  help me find my own answers. Thanks for always  helping me find the truth ...whether I wanted it or not.”  Casey Johnson, Landscape Architect